Police Schedule App Reviews

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Waiting for update

Can you please update this app. To ios11. Thanks. 10/28/2017 What’s going on with the update!!!!!! please update this app thanks.

Update the application! I need to see my work schedule!

Update the app

Update please

Please please please update, so useful for my scheduling with my shifts!!!

Please update

Can’t get into my schedule !!!

Please update

I have sent update request and have not heard back! Lots of data stuck in this app.


I need this app. Please update!!!!!

iOS 11

Please update this wonderful app my life is in it and now I can’t open it with new iPhone update

Please update app

Please update it to work with IOS 11. I use it all the time!


PLEASE UPDATE APP...doesn’t work with IOS11!

Please UPDATE!!!!

This is a great app! Please update !! It’s not working with the new apple iOS11.

Update ?

The app is “locked” due to Apples new IOS. Please update the app so ppl can access their information


Please update this app! By far the best police scheduling app out there. Wasted about 15 bucks trying to find one as good smh.

Don’t work

I paid for this app now update it so I can use it!

ios update

Can’t open app Please update!!!!!!


Please update this app ASAP! Most convenient law enforcement scheduling app without having to do much effort. I depended on this app for scheduling things in the future.


Great now I can’t use the app cause of the update. Please update the App


Update needed!!!!!!

App update

Please update app to work with IOS 11.


updated needed app don’t work


Please update the app. I like this app cuz it’s functional to use with all my jobs. But now I can’t even see what I have in there. Very frustrating!!!!!!!


I manage my life by this app, PLEASE update!!!

iOS 11 Update

Can you please update this app for iOS 11 ASAP. Thanks.


Update Please!!

iOS 11


Please update

Please update to work with IOS

App makes things up

I’ve had the app for over 3 years. Was great but they need to update it. Hasn’t been updated in 3 years and won’t work with iOS11

Wasted $5.99

Very disappointed in this app. If only CopApp were available for iPad, I could have save myself $5.99. Disliked this so much I deleted it.

Ugh. Doesn't work

I would love a refund. This is a hot mess to figure out. I'm not looking for a rocket science calendar but clearly I need some higher education to figure this out


Won't work with my schedule..


I can't get this app to work. It was a waste of my 5.99 plus tax. There is no help screen or anything.

Awesome Application!

I have been looking for something like this for the longest time...Thanks for putting it out!

Police schedule

It's a wast of six dollars and no way to get your monies back.I hope the thief whom made this app is happy.

No easy way to get help doesn't work

This app does not work with 12 hour panama schedule very disappointed.


Might as well get out a chisel and stone tablet, as that will be less difficult than this app. App will not even let you look into next year, how ridiculous. Atari 2600 is more advanced. Don't waste your time or money on this ripoff. Get it together its 2013 and put out an app that can handle a simple schedule. Totally ridiculous!

DON'T BUY!!!!!!

I can't believe I bought this calendar. Complete waste of money. Runs VERY SLOW. Can not add notes to events. Can not link with iPad calendar. Confusing set up features. No instructions on how to use features. If you have hours to send figuring this thing out and want to realize after spending money on this app that it is a complete waste then this app is for you. APP HAS A RATING BECAUSE I HAD TO RATE IT TO WARN YOU PEOPLE THAT THIS APP IS WORTHLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doesn't make sense

App doesn't make sense. I work a complicate schedule that changes every 3 months. Enter a start date for the schedule and it affects dates before the start date. Customer service willing to call me but I shouldn't need that. Also, not very open to suggestions for future improvements.


This app worked great for almost a year. Now it does not total anything and is completely useless. I wish there was a customer support. Won't saved the hours worked. Goes to zero when u exit the day.

Great App

It took me a day of using the calendar to get used to it. Now that I am it's amazing. I can keep track of all events and type of work from OT to Training.

Great app

The designer of this app actually took the time to call me and help me out with an issue. This app does everything you could want to do with you schedule. Great buy

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